Dec 03

Almost all the hosting companies offers affiliate plans. The payout and affiliate plans differ for the various hosting companies.  In Ipage affiliate program they support both affiliate program and referral program. You can earn upto $105 per sale with Ipage affiliate program.

Many hosting companies are offering high payouts for their affiliates. But how much do you think the affiliates can earn from those hosting companies where the price is too high for the customers or where there aren’t enough features provided by the hosting company which customers need. For instance lets take hostgator’s affiliate program, it pays $100 per sale to its affiliates when the customers stays for more than 3 months. The cost of hostgator hosting plan with unlimited features is $9.95 per month which is almost three times as much as what Ipage costs. Promoting those hosting companies is way too hard considering the price. Ipage is offering similar features with even better security features for only $3.50 per month which will attract the customers easily and promoting the Ipage hosting is way easier than promoting hostgator hosting company.

As we can see, it is very easy to make some extra cash from Ipage affiliate program compared to the other hosting companies affiliate programs. If you are planning to be an affiliate to some hosting company why not choose the best budget web hosting, Ipage hosting.

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